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This is some old stuff moved off our main page.

Made in Scotland, sold all over

 midgie bite -
 spray relief.

All our products are sold in independent shops and outlets around Scotland, the Lake District and Wales. They include village stores, pharmacies and chemists, petrol stations, caravan sites and leisure parks, castles and hotels, gardens and garden centres, gift shops and visitor centres, hardware, outdoor, sport, marinas, climbing, walking, fishing and hunting shops. We invite more interest from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, continental Europe and the rest of The World. Individual customers are still welcome to buy direct (secure SSL) from us but we do add on a nominal postage charge per order. If you don't see our distinctive products in your local shop, ask them to contact us!

 so refreshing -
 our foot spray

I pick a rose
and think of you
I pick a herb
and think of stew!

By Totally Herby we mean just exactly that - we will introduce more and more products that have everything to do with herbs. This website is low priority as we do our real business "out there", with our present and future ranges of herb products, especially the anti-midge and other insect repellent and insect netting. Later on we hope to bring you information and properties of the most common kitchen herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, along with basil, bay, garlic and chives. Onions and shallots can also be called herbs, and some chefs use welsh onions for their flavour. Dill and garden mint or spearmint are often used to help digestion, and as well as being used for curry, cumin and coriander and even caraway are still popular herbs in their own right. Salads can be garnished with dandelions, marigolds and nasturtium leaves, and savoury savory;

 comforting spray -
 for wasp and bee stings

Mediterranean cuisine abounds with the use of marjoram, oregano and tarragon. Lemon balm and applemint add delicious flavour to drinks, even Coca Cola!

Herbs from our gardens and the wild.

Herbalists will use herbs such as rue, cleavers (sticky willie) and yarrow for homeopathic medicines, cosmetic uses include borage, lovage, lavender, marigold (scars) the well known chamomile and hyssop. Dock leaves are crushed to provide instant relief for nettle stings (which our Itch Ease is also good for), but lesser known herbs include comfrey, plantain, savory, the male fern, fennel, elderflower, the beautiful feverfew, and hawthorn to draw out splinters and thorns, bog myrtle is used in insect repellents, good for healing wounds and apparently has anti-wrinkle properties.

These herbs are all growing in Scotland, cultivated or wild amongst the heather and the bracken.

Planned: pictures, how to grow the plants and uses as herbal remedies.

Please note much of this site is permanently unfinished.

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